Fender hooks in place on rigging

Yacht/Wire Fender Hooks

£12 Per Pair

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Product Description

Stow your fenders where you need them, on your guard wires between stanchions.

You'll get 2 hooks made to clip to 6mm guard wire or 8mm coated guard wire (choose when ordering) designed to hold a fender up to 280mm or 11" in diameter. If your requirement is hooks for fenders up to 300mm or 12" please email us when ordering and we can supply the larger size to fit.

Available to fit 6mm or 8mm wire, please chose when purchasing which you require.

Fitting Instructions

Wire fit – Unscrew nylon screw and save, clip Hooker over wire facing in or out (most people choose out) and reinsert screw and tighten to screwdriver pinch tight, overtightening will strip the thread, it’s now safely installed.

Fender Rigging
Hooker Installation