The Calton Kombi Nesting Dinghy

Calton Kombi Nesting Dinghy

Price available on request.

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Currently out of production, however if you are interested please email us at and we will add your details to our contact list for if/when we begin production...

Stacked/nested it can be stored on deck (if there’s room), in davits (split or assembled) or in sugar scoop stern plus it tows well though the flexible insert must be in place in the centreboard case or there will be water ingress.

The two buoyancy tanks will keep the dinghy afloat, even when full of water.

Can be sailed, rowed with great directional stability and motored.

Usefully, will fit in the back of a medium/large estate car for holidays and trips to the beach or lake and has integrated wheels so no launching trolley required.

The mast, boom and sprit are all sleeved so will fit within the confines of the stacked dinghy.

The ‘Oppi’ sleeved sail makes for fast rigging and disassembly.

The scandalising feature, (pulling up the boom) means that if the wind drops and you’re on a falling tide you can quickly (seconds) pull the sail out of the way so you can easily row.

The current weight is about 45 kilos which is 10 kilos more than an Optimist dinghy but we hope to get nearer the 40 kilo mark without loss of strength.

At this weight it’s quite manageable and reasonable considering the extra weight of two central bulkheads and joining feature.

Clipping The Boat Together
Unclipping The Boat